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We have carefully demonstrated on a pair of pants, jumpsuits, scuba wetsuits, costumes and children sleep pajamas, the “DROP BOTTOM FLAP”. The drop bottom flap is designed with a new attitude to improve the person’s uniform or attire. The drop bottom flap offers restroom privileges with a secured stylish and effective appearance. The drop bottom flap is utilized by the pull of a zipper, not like buttons or Velcro attachments. The person wearing this design will have the discretion of not having to remove their uniform, gear or attire. The drop bottom flap will allow the rear seat section of the attire provide an open hatch with the pull of a zipper, located on the right or left side leg.

The zipper can be pulled either to the right or left of the legs. This will allow the rear seat of the attire to drop into a rectangular drop bottom flap for restroom usage. This is a great design for infants or toddlers whom are potty training. Please let’s not forget how adaptive this design is for the HANDICAP. Sport athletes in training gear would appreciate the respectfully spoken drop bottom flap. The “DROP BOTTOM FLAP” is designed for UNISEX WEAR. The design is aimed to address impacts on today’s lifestyles. Patented, Certificate upon request.

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