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                              "DROP BOTTOM PANTS"

                                                           FOR KIDS                                  


           "OOPS, POTTY TIME! "                    



     DROP BOTTOMS KID                                THANKS  DAD!    

It's time! Children clothing with a function. Styling details: a zipper provided on the rear seat of the child attire. Once the zipper is hatched, a drop down flap opens at the rear for exposure. Allowing diaper changing or potty training. Unlike snaps which tend to come unsnapped at playtime. * Parents will need to assist with rear zipper . Once drop bottom flap has been unzipped. Grab and pull flap forward between child legs to prevent soiling during diaper changing and potty training. * Parents use patience when opening and closing zipper to prevent pinching or zipper damage.



Footless pajamas for boy's and girls made of 100% polyester yellow tossed traffic fabric.

yellow traffic pajamas


Footless pajama for boy's, made of 100% polyester blue space cadet fabric.

blue space cadet pajamas



Footed pajama made of pink pointel with pig patch.

pink pig pajamas


Footed pink pajama made of cotton and polyester with shirt prints.

pink shirts pajamas


 Strawtwill, breathable, lightweight coveralls for girls with flower patches.

pink coveralls


Boy's rodeo red strawtwill fabric coverall with dump truck patches.

red coveralls


****Large quantities will be made per order and are not in stock. 
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***Fabric Choices: Cotton & Polyester.  

***Type: Footless Pajamas.     

Sellers Discretions: * Order purchases are final, none refundable with no exchanges. We do not restock ordered purchases. *Confirm your selection prior to purchasing. Reasonable time is required to fill larger orders. Payment will be collected upon time of orders. We value our customers. All orders are inspected for quality prior to shipment. We do not stock large quantity of our products. Large purchases are made per order. Wholesale prices are honored for large purchases.              

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***The original "Dropbottom Flap" Our United States Legal Patent Document is revealed below on our website. Our Dropbottom Flap originated for Children Attire for sale. We have provided a selection to choose from above.  



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                    (Drop Bottoms Flap Patent #D550,428, Invention since 2007, all rights reserved 2016).

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